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Building the Healthiest Community in the World

Lisa Trahan Chief Communications Officer
Emily Burgess Communications Manager
Shannon Hartigan Contreras Senior Communications Officer
Lindsay Miller Creative Services Manager
Community Affairs
Cara Abazari Chief Community Affairs Officer
April Reed Scholarship Program Manager
Ashley Gomez Community Affairs Associate
Taylor Gutierrez Community Affairs Program and Database Coordinator
Community Investments
William Buster, MA Executive Vice President of Community Investments
Becky Pastner, MPAff Chief Impact and Metrics Officer
Abena Asante, MHA Senior Program Officer
Ellie Coplin, MPH Evaluation Officer
Denise Herrera Senior Capacity Building Officer
Elizabeth Krause, ScM Senior Program Officer
Rebecca LeBlanc Grants Coordinator
Andrew Levack, MPH Senior Program Officer
Picheska Marrero Innovation Center Manager
Kim McPherson, MPAff Senior Program Officer
Jesse Simmons, MS Senior Evaluation Officer
Caren Wood Executive Assistant

Dental - Clinical
Shailee Gupta, DDS Chief Dental Officer
Christine Aleman Dental Assistant
Griselda Alvarado Dental Assistant
Ensy Atarod, DDS Lead Dentist
Tiffiny Cervantes Rotational Dental Assistant
Tania Cierra Dental Assistant
Caesar Collazo, DDS Staff Dentist
Shirley Creed Dental Hygienist
Kacie Culotta, DDS Staff Dentist
Iselda Einung Rotational Dental Assistant
Laura Gomez Dental Assistant
Brenda Hernandez Dental Assistant
Sandra Hernandez Dental Assistant
Duyen Ho, DDS Staff Dentist
Carrie Hogan Dental Assistant
Ginger Krug Dental Assistant
Yana Kushner, DDS Lead Dentist
Karen Jaimes Dental Assistant
Ginger Krug Dental Hygienist
Elodie Levy, DDS Staff Dentist
Esmie Lopez Dental Assistant
Ashley McDaniel Dental Assistant
Abby Menke Freeman, DDS Lead Dentist
Rebecca Montalvo, DDS Rotational Staff Dentist
Ashley Nichols Dental Assistant
Cassie Nutter Dental Hygienist
Lex Ohlendorf, DDS Screening Dentist
Mamatha Pasala, DDS Lead Dentist
Danielle Phillips Dental Assistant
Elizabeth Rodriguez Dental Assistant
Teresa Rojas Rotational Dental Assistant
Cindy Ruiz Dental Assistant
Liza Vidaurri Dental Assistant
Nga Villanueva Dental Hygienist
Dental - Operations
Yudith Amaran Dental Case Manager
Sandra Arrizola Senior Administrative Coordinator
Erica Castillo Senior Dental Operations Officer
Ralph Coleman Dental Process Operations Manager
Eddie Gonzales Dental Fleet Manager
Mike Huffaker Dental Fleet Coordinator
Sheila Kirkconnell Dental Patient Data Coordinator
Nancy Lozoria Dental Quality and Screening Coordinator
Tina Madrigal Dental Operations Associate
Anna Mata Dental Patient Care Coordinator
Mark McDaniel Dental Fleet Assistant Driver
Vanessa Morgan-Valdovinos Oral Health Program Coordinator
David Pfeiffer Dental Fleet Assistant Driver
Vanessa Rocha Dental Community Outreach Coordinator
Gabriel Rosales Dental Operations Coordinator
Karla Segovia Dental Screening Coordinator
Earl Maxwell Chief Executive Officer
William Buster Executive Vice President of Community Investments
Kathy Wiggin  Executive Vice President of Operations
Cathy Iberg Vice President of Investments
Carol Clark General Counsel
Tamra Dunham Paralegal and Compliance Manager
Dave Thomsen Senior Consultant
Christy Wallace Executive Assistant
Amy Vaughan Chief Financial Officer
Vicky Hernandez Staff Accountant
Christy Miller Controller
Jocelyn Wobil Programs Compliance Manager
Human Resources
Joy Legan, SPHR Chief Human Resources Officer
Cara Mueller, PHR Senior Human Resources Officer
Joanna Ramirez, aPHR Human Resources Operations Manager
Information Technology
Blake Holman Chief Information Officer
Michael Guerra Help Desk Technician II
Kevin Klinkers Manager of System and Network Administration
Todd Waldron, MS Director of Information Technology