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Capacity Academy: Supporting the organizations and leaders that improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

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St. David’s Foundation recognizes the profound shifts and transitions the health sector in Central Texas is experiencing, and has committed to supporting leaders and organizations who are embracing this change and actively working to guide their organizations through it.

Over the years, we have supported our community of grant partners in learning from each other and from outside experts through a series of workshops, convenings, and small grants. In 2014, we launched a new wave of investments to offer more intensive opportunities for grant partners to build their capacity. This capacity-building initiative, called the Capacity Academy, is designed to support organizations who are experiencing profound shifts in their environment and operations, and who can benefit from deep organizational assessments, targeted technical assistance and a network of peers all navigating change.

Grant partners selected to participate in the Capacity Academy have the opportunity to step back and think expansively about what their organization wants to achieve and how their organization will need to evolve to get there.