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Investing in a Healthy Community


Mental health is critical to overall health. Unfortunately, mental health and substance use disorders (collectively called “behavioral health disorders”) often go undetected and untreated due to stigma, lack of providers, or inability to pay for services. In concert with our commitment to physical health, St. David’s Foundation is committed to improving access to behavioral health programs for low-income youth and adults through school and community-based assessment, counseling and prevention services and through the integration of mental health services into the primary clinic setting.

St. David’s Foundation’s Healthy Minds focus area is interested in initiatives in three key areas:
  • School-based behavioral health services
  • Integrated behavioral health care in the primary care setting
  • Community-based behavioral health services

St. David’s Foundation provides funding to organizations whose core mission is mental health-related, and whose services are provided by licensed behavioral health providers. In addition, the Foundation focuses its investments on organizations that serve large numbers of individuals, or have the capacity to do so with additional funding.

For more information on the Healthy Minds Program, please contact Kim McPherson.

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