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We believe women are the gatekeepers to health in their community.


Last month, St. David’s Foundation hosted an informational keynote followed by community discussion highlighting our newest focus area, women’s health. The conversation kicked off a new opportunity for funding in Central Texas and request for proposal (RFP): Focus on the Fourth – Postpartum Support for Central Texas Women in the Fourth Trimester.

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, founder and president of the National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC), delivered an impassioned keynote to a packed room of Central Texas’ most diverse and dynamic non-profit leaders and women’s health advocates. Hosted at the Foundation, Dr. Crear-Perry informed and unearthed her truths, experience and proposed solutions for postpartum maternal health and birth equity through her mission at NBEC.

Speaking on the subject of women’s health and birth equity: “It’s not just the women’s responsibility, it’s the community’s responsibility,” Dr. Crear-Perry said. “If you have development with no human rights you get inequity.”

Dr. Crear-Perry further expanded on maternal health outcomes and barriers in Texas, specifically, as well as the benefit and importance of postpartum care for the mother and baby. “These are systems solutions”, Dr. Crear-Perry, said. “You must emphasize individual, community, clinical and systems solutions to contribute to better postpartum maternal health outcomes.”

Following Dr. Crear-Perry’s keynote was a community discussion moderated by Elizabeth Krause, Senior Program Officer, and was comprised of local leaders Ted Held MD, MPH, People’s Community Clinic and Paula X. Rojas, Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman.

Responding to the words delivered by Dr. Crear Perry, Dr. Held commented from the clinical perspective and provided local context, particularly on the role of the clinic in a community: “they can serve people one-to-one, but it’s hard to address all inequities at the clinic level – it’s a multi-level solution.” Rojas further expanded on the conversation and the role of the community, “everything needs to be woven together; we build power together to achieve change with community engagement in the process.”

To learn more about Focus on the Fourth and this opportunity for funding, please visit:
Deadline for proposals is Friday, October 13th.


For more information, contact Elizabeth Krause, Senior Program Officer: 

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